Matt Schorr
Creator, Writer
Twitter: @themattschorr
Instagram: @theschorr
YouTube: Schorr Manor
Facebook: Schorr Manor Studio
Newsletter: White Sands Digest

Matt Schorr began writing at an early age, going so far as to scribble out stories of giant sharks on a paper towel during a family vacation to the beach. His previous work includes projects for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, such as Savage Tales of Horror and East Texas University Creature Feature, and Jesus Christ: Demon Slayer for Asylum Press. He is an award-winning humor columnist for The Leaf-Chronicle newspaper. He currently resides in Clarksville, TN, with his Halloween enthusiast wife and Sesame Street binge-watcher son.

Joe Bilicic
Artist, Colorist, Letterer
Facebook: Brave New Garage Studio

Joe Bilicic is the owner and operator of Brave New Garage Studio, a one-man art house. His work includes both art and animation, including videos for the recent Ceelo Green/Rheanna tour and contributions to Cirque Du Solie's San Diego Comic Con Show.